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What is the future of jobs in 2030 or 2040? How will your business evolve in the next 20-30 years? Are you planning and executing for this quantum shift already? At XXRC, we believe in joining forces with our partners in envisioning the knowledge and skills required for a wide range of cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, Cybernetic, Cyberwarfare, Cybersecurity Ecosystems, Robotics, Internet of Things, 3-D Printing, Health-Tech, Fin-Tech, Space-Tech, Defense-Tech, Water-Tech, Agri-Tech, AR-MR to name a few. We focus on discovering talent and imagination of people and aligning it with their destiny through our assessments.


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Our philosophy is to nurture each person’s unique creativity and imagination. We design assessments to gauge the gaps and devise plans and programs to fill them. Our Programs and assessment centers are path breaking, learner centric and focused only on new age technologies to augment creativity required for business ecosystems for the next 100 years. We do not cater to 20 th century skill development models.


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If you cannot have
a brand-new beginning,
you can surely have a brand-new ending

Every star is waiting for its first visitor in this universe. Which ecosystem, startup, organization or company will be your next star? Join us for your Odyssey with Talencia. We match your imagination and creativity to your next destination, be it a job or your own Startup.


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“Everyone has talent.
What is rare is the courage to follow the talent
to the dark place where it leads”